REACH Certification of Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS)

All of the Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) we supply to the market is used for sulfiding hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts or for passivating ethane steam cracker furnace tubes. When injected into these applications, the DMDS decomposes to form H2S that is then consumed in the process. Therefore, DMDS is considered an intermediate as defined by REACH Regulation Article 3(15). This classification also matches the Guidance Document on Intermediates version 2.0 dated December 2010. Under section 2.1.1, the Guidance Document clearly states that: “For transported isolated intermediates, the manufacturer or importer confirms himself or states that he has received confirmation from the user that the synthesis of (an)other substance(s) from that intermediate takes place on other sites under strictly controlled conditions detailed in Article18(4). For transported isolated intermediates that are manufactured in the EU the strictly controlled conditions shall apply both to the manufacture and use of the substance.”

On July 30, 2019, the Regional German Administrative Court in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse released a judgement confirming that DMDS is an intermediate in the above mentioned applications (reference number 3 K 75/18.NW). The court’s decision is in line with two past legal opinions on the definition of article 3(15) prepared by law firms Field Fisher Waterhouse and Schilling, Zutt, and Anschutz and therefore strengthens the classification of DMDS as an intermediate in these applications.

Our partner, ChevronPhillips Chemical Company, has registered DMDS as an Intermediate under REACH.

For further details on the REACH Certification of DMDS and the chemistry involved, please consult these documents.

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