Safety Information

At Reactor Resources, we are passionate about safety and make protection of personnel our number one priority. Each of our employees understands that they have the authority AND the responsibility to stop any work or process that cannot be carried out in a safe manner. As evidence of this, in 2021 Reactor Resources celebrated 10 years in business with ZERO LOST TIME ACCIDENTS. This amazing accomplishment was only made possible through the commitment that our technicians have made to working safely every minute of every day.

Every one of our technicians have full safety certifications including HASC Basic Plus and Cal/OSHA Refinery Safety Training. In addition, we consistently hold refresher training for our operations personnel on injection pump operations, chemical handling, H2S hazards, and emergency procedures. This ensures that they are up to date on the latest HSE improvements and keeps safety paramount in our organization.

In addition, Reactor Resources has developed systems that specifically address the safety risks associated with catalyst sulfiding. For example, our Online H2S Analyzer System, Hydrogen Purity Analyzer, and Total Sulfur Analyzer are the safest and most accurate methods available for measuring hazardous H2S in refinery gas streams. Utilizing our online Analyzer Systems eliminates the need for operators to equip themselves with breathing air (SCBA) in order to use colorimetric (draeger) tubes to sample hazardous sour hydrogen streams. The analyzers also provides data in real-time, minimizing the risk of excessive reactor exotherms and over-injection of sulfur and nitrogen compounds. Over-injection raises the H2S concentration of the recycle gas stream to unacceptably high levels. Over-injection also can require purging of extremely sour recycle gas, which in turn can lead to environmental emission issues for your site.

Our patented SmartSkid Injection System offers further safety enhancements. Each SmartSkid can be operated or stopped remotely, allowing control of the sulfur injection even in the event of a unit evacuation. Each SmartSkid is also equipped with online telemetry that allow Operations and Engineering Personnel to continuously monitor the status of the injection system and gas concentrations from any cloud-connected device.

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