Sulfur Emissions from Non-Decomposed Mercaptans

Envirosulf™ Eliminates Issues From Non-Decomposed Mercaptans

Non-Decomposed Mercaptans During Sulfiding

Non-decomposed mercaptans result when DMDS does not fully break down to H2S after it’s injected into a hydrotreater during catalyst sulfiding. An amine treater or caustic scrubber will not absorb these mercaptans, allowing them to escape to the flare, fuel gas, and/or wash water systems. Mercaptans can lead to:

  • Excess sulfur emissions
  • Environmental penalties
  • Nuisance odors

The EnviroSulf™ Solution to Non-Decomposed Mercaptans

Our EnviroSulf™ Service is a consultative approach to solving the problem of non-decomposed mercaptans. As the only company that supplies both DMDS and polysulfides, Reactor Resources is uniquely qualified to determine the optimum mix of spiking agents for your process. In many cases, the use of multiple spiking agents will totally alleviate the issue of non-decomposed mercaptans while also reducing the total cost of the sulfiding project. Working closely with our partners, we have developed specialized blends of polysulfides that, when coupled with DMDS, will assist you in eliminating troublesome mercaptan emissions during the sulfiding of hydroprocessing catalyst.

The EnviroSulf Sulfiding Service is a customized approach to catalyst sulfiding that involves you, the client, as well as your catalyst vendor. Working together, we will develop a detailed sulfiding procedure that will solve the issue of non-decomposed mercaptans.  This premium service addresses the unique challenges specific to your process.

EnviroSulf Benefits

EnviroSulf offers many benefits including:

  • Guaranteed mercaptan control
  • Eliminates the risk of penalties resulting from mercaptan emissions
  • Protects waste water units from water soluble organic intermediates
  • Reduces purging of SOX forming H2S by avoiding over-injection of spiking agents
  • Eliminates odors from low molecular weight mercaptans.
  • May assist you in achieving Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Standards

Total Sulfur / H2S Analyzer System

Reactor Resources utilizes an Online Total Sulfur/H2S Analyzer to ensure there are no mercaptans in the recycle gas. This instrument measures the total amount of sulfur in the gas stream and simultaneously determines the amount of H2S. By comparing these two values, you can instantly determine the presence of mercaptans in the recycle gas. The two values should be identical if the spiking agent is fully decomposed.

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