Catalyst Consulting

Reactor Resources (RxR) has over 240 years of refining, petrochemical and chemical catalyst knowledge.  We have the capability to link our technical expertise to commercial results.

Our consulting begins with a focused assessment of the technical application or market landscape.  Reactor Resources works with clients to define what information is required and will deliver a thorough analysis with actionable data. Our clients expect and deserve more than a list of data, so we utilize our know-how to convert this data into a useful strategy.

The industry experience of our team and our technical network is vast.  We utilize these assets to dig deep into your issue in order to find the right solutions.  RxR has multifaceted contacts that are at the cutting edge of both technical development and current market conditions.  This translates into keeping us up to date on the dynamic changes of the thiochemical, refining, catalyst, and ethylene markets that are critical to making correct decisions.

Subjects for Consulting Projects are:

Process Knowledge

  • Process Challenges
  • Catalyst Selectivity Improvements
  • Sulfur Injection for Ethylene Steam Crackers

Catalytic Process Development

  • Technical Analysis
  • Commercial Assessment
  • New Catalyst Development

Planning & Strategy for New Catalyst Introductions

  • Market Studies and Investigation
  • Competitive Analysis

Reactor Resources has the capability to provide valuable understanding of a number of industry segments.  Our team’s unique experience, technical expertise, and commercial background allows us to provide a solutions-based approach to the following industries:

  • Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Renewable Fuels
  • Natural Gas
  • Catalyst Manufacturers

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with issues related to hydrotreating, hydrocracking and/or isomerization. We have helped customers iwth catalyst selection, process improvements, and spent catalyst recycling, regeneration, and disposal.