Online H2 Purity Analyzer

Reactor Resources has partnered with the leader in Hydrogen Analyzers, H2scan, to provide Hydrogen Purity Analyzers to the refining and petrochemical industries.  In addition, you can now rent a H2scan HY-OPTIMA™ 2740 as part of our sulfiding services package.  This enhancement allows our clients to now monitor H2S and Hydrogen concentration in real-time during the sulfiding process.

The HY-OPTIMA™ 2740 utilizes a proprietary thin-film technology to precisely measure hydrogen partial pressure.  During operation, the probe absorbs hydrogen on its surface, resulting in a change in resistance across the probe.  The analyzer accurately measures this resistance change and correlates that value to hydrogen concentration. The H2scan solid state, non-consumable sensor technology provides real-time continuous hydrogen concentration data with no cross-sensitivity to any other gases in the stream, including CO and H2S. No reference or carrier gas systems are required to reliably and accurately report real-time hydrogen measurements with fast response times.

Benefits of Our Online H2 Analyzer System:

  • Continuously measures the Hydrogen Concentration of the recycle gas, providing accurate data in real-time. 
  • Eliminates the need for operations personnel to pull sample bombs, freeing up lab resources.  
  • Allows board operators to precisely control the hydrogen purity, adding make-up hydrogen as needed, and purging only when absolutely required to prevent compressor trips. This also greatly minimizes the chance of sending mercaptans to the flare or fuel gas header.

Contact Us to discuss how our system can help you maintain optimum hydrogen concentrations during startup of your hydrotreater, hydrocracker, or renewable fuels unit.