Gas Detector Tubes

By partnering with Uniphos, a leading manufacturer of high quality gas detector tubes and equipment, Reactor Resources can now provide our customers with an additional alternative for measuring the concentration of gas streams.  Uniphos offers a full line of KwikDraw™ gas detector tubes for measuring gases such as H2S, Ethyl mercaptan, and CO in wide variety of concentration ranges.  

The Uniphos Detector Tube system is known for providing accurate results at a very competitive price point.  

Sulfiding Gas Test Kit Now Available

To aid with testing of the recycle gas during a catalyst sulfiding operation, we have put together a Sulfiding Gas Test Kit.  Housed in a sturdy SKB molded case, each kit contains a Gas Tester II H Detector Tube Pump, a Uniphos Tube Opener, and five boxes of Detector Tubes (3 x H2S, 1 x CO, and 1 x Ethyl mercaptan).  The price of the sulfiding kit is $1995.  

KwikDraw Gas Detector Tube Price List

The Gas Tester II H Detector Tube Pump offers numerous benefits over competive pumps:

  • The pump locks when fully compressed, ensuring that each stroke consistently withdraws precisely the same amount of gas when the lock is released.
  • An integral, easy-to-read stroke counter shows the exact number of strokes performed so that you don’t lose count.
  • The Gas Tester II H Pump can be used to monitor any hazardous gases or the air in confined spaces.

It’s easy to switch from Drager to Uniphos KwikDraw Tubes.  Click here for a conversion table.

Contact Us for pricing and more details on the Uniphos KwikDraw line of Gas Detector Tubes and Pumps.