Online H2S Analyzer

Connecting our Online H2S Analyzer System to your recycle gas provides a continuous stream of H2S data, allowing you to precisely control the sulfiding process.  The analyzer wirelessly transmits the H2S concentration to our patented SmartSkid™ Injection System so that you can monitor H2S levels from our web-based telemetry.

Benefits of Our Online H2S Analyzer System:

  • Continuously measures the H2S level of the recycle gas, providing critical data in real time.
  • Eliminates the need for operations personnel to pull draeger tubes while wearing SCBA, freeing up manpower and greatly improving safety by reducing exposure risks.
  • Allows optimization of injection rates, saving on chemical costs and reducing compressor issues related to high gas density resulting by over-injection.  Over injection can also lead to purging of sour gas, resulting in excess sulfur emissions.
  • Reduces startup time since you will be aware of H2S breakthrough within five minutes of it occurring, allowing you to immediately proceed to the high temperature sulfiding plateau.

 Savings on chemical costs alone will typically justify the cost of our Online Analyzer System. 

Pictured below is an actual screen shot of our patented SmartSkid™ pump telemetry showing that H2S breakthrough has occurred, signifying that the first sulfiding plateau is complete and the reactor temperature can be raised without the risk of hydrogen reduction of your valuable catalyst.

Pump Telemetry Screen Shot - Two Injection Points


 Contact Us to discuss how our system can minimize your sulfiding costs and startup time while improving operator safety.