Injection Services

Reactor Resources has established a "new standard in sulfiding" with the introduction of the first and only patented SmartSkid™ DMDS Injection System. The SmartSkid System was specifically created to inject Dimethyl Disulfide or Tertiary Butyl Polysulfide (TBPS) into your hydrotreating or hydrocracking unit as safely and accurately as possible.  Each SmartSkid is equipped with wireless telemetry, allowing customers to constantly monitor flow rate, total quantity injected, pressure, temperature, and valve position via a secure web link from any computer or smart phone.  With the SmartSkid System, you'll never have to wonder how the injection operation is going or what the flow rates are because you'll be able to see it as it happens.

Other advantages of SmartSkid system are:

  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meters - the most accurate and dependable meter available.
  • Empty Pipe Detector - Shuts off flow to the process once the delivery trailer is emptied, preventing cavitation of the feed pump.  
  • Materials - All seats, trim and gaskets are specifically chosen to meet the rigorous demands of pumping DMDS.
  • Safe Line Breaks – We purge all lines and equipment with diesel at the completion of the job, ensuring that line breaks are not made with DMDS in the lines.
  • Remote Operation - In the event of a unit evacuation, the injection system can still be controlled remotely.  In addition, all of the pump operation parameters can still be viewed on the internet, so you won't have to wonder about the status of the injection system.

Further innovation from Reactor Resources includes our Online H2S Analyzer System that continuosly measures the H2S content of the recycle gas.  This data is also displayed on the web link and eliminates the hazardous ritual of operations personnel donning SCBA to pull draeger tubes.  We also offer a Hydrogen Purity Analyzer that measures hydrogen concentration in real-time.

Pictured below is an actual screen shot of the SmartSkid™ pump telemetry showing the flow through the two injection points: one utilizing a pump and the other using trailer pressure only.  Also note that H2S level shown in top left corner indicates breakthrough has occurred, signifying that the first sulfiding plateau is complete and the reactor temperature can be raised.

Pump Telemetry Screen Shot - Two Injection Points


Contact Us to discuss how our system can minimize your sulfiding costs and startup time while improving operator safety.


Pump Telemetry LP_Large_Skid_-_Wet_base_180.jpg LP_Pump_Skid_at_Shop_180.jpg LP_Pump1_180.JPG LP_Pump2_180.JPG LP_Pump3_180.JPG LP_Skid_-_Adjusted_180.jpg Pump_at_Sweeny_1_180.jpg Pump_at_Sweeny_2_180.jpeg Pump_at_Sweeny_3_180.jpg Three_Trailers_at_Sweeny_180.jpg Trailer_and_Pump_180.JPG