Cracked Gas Compressor Wash Oil

Reactor Resources Offers a Full Line of Compressor Wash Oils for Ethylene Producers

To control the build up of polymers on cracked gas compressor turbines, seals, intercoolers, and heat exchangers, wash oils are typically injected into  ethylene crackers on a continuous basis.  A good wash oil has a fairly high initial boiling point (>350F) so that it won't immediately flash to vapor, combined with a high aromatics content (>90%) for dissolving polymeric compounds.

The primary cause of fouling in gas crackers is free radical polymerization of monomers, although other mechanisms are also in play.  These include Diels-Alder condensation and thermal degradation to coke.

An excellent paper on cracked gas compressor fouling was presented at the AIChE Spring Meeting in 2006 and can be found at  This paper is a fairly comprehensive piece on the subject of wash oils and explores the details of how polymers are formed and where they are deposited.

Reactor Resources offers two stock grades of wash oil as described below:

Cracked Gas Compressor Wash Oil Specifications

In addition to these standard grades, we offer custom blended wash oils for more demanding specifications if your process requires.

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